Strategy: Precision Merchant SKU (MSKU) Tactics

A few days ago there was an interesting discussion about utilizing Merchant SKUs (MSKUs) as an item analysis tool in Scanner Monkey, one of the paid Facebook Groups I belong to. A Merchant SKU is a unique identifier for your item on a listing. When you are listing via Seller Central the Seller (Merchant) SKU is found at the top of the offer tab. Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.43.36 AM

How is an MSKU different from an ASIN?

An ASIN is the Amazon Stock Identification Number which is the catalog number for a particular product LISTING within the Amazon database. The MSKU is a character string (letters/numbers) that relates to the ITEM a seller adds to a listing. Amazon allows you to

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Strategy: Start Preparing for Q4 Now, Without Spending Any Money


If you are active in any forums related to selling online then I'm sure you've started to hear the buzz about Q4. Q4 is the fourth quarter of the year and represents October, November, December. But wait, it's only June. Why is there an ever-growing buzz about the holiday selling season? Let's look into it a little further.

Holiday  Season – Go Big or Go Home

The fourth quarter represents the holiday season. It includes some of the biggest holidays of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Buyers are looking to host the best parties, give the best gifts, eat the best food and will dig deep into their wallets to do so. 

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