How Juliet went from $0-$91k selling on Amazon

Juliet lives by the motto, “If others can do it, why can’t I?”

And she did just that.

Juliet moved to the US from the Philippines 8 years ago. She and her husband have a beautiful baby daughter, Sammy. If that is not busy enough, she also works full time as an assistant manager for a high-end retail clothing company.

What she does in her “spare time” is the most amazing thing – she runs an Amazon FBA business.

Juliet began her journey too Amazon much like many others – she used to sell on eBay.

After researching on Youtube she learned Amazon FBA was an easier way to sell online. On March 6, 2016, she opened her Amazon store. She began by selling her ebay inventory before moving on to retail arbitrage during her 30 minute breaks while working at the outlet mall. Retail arbitrage is simply buying products from retail stores and selling them online for a profit.

In our interview with Juliet, we asked her a few questions about her business

Mommy Income: What was the first item you sold on Amazon?  What do you remember about it?

Juliet: It was a makeup bag. I’ve been selling on ebay for about a year prior to Amazon and I had lots of inventory around the house. During my first sale on Amazon I remember very well I was dancing, shouting for joy and relieved that I did something right ( because I was so skeptical) about Amazon.

Mommy Income: How has selling on Amazon changed your life?

Juliet: It change my life because I was able to put some money in savings, help my family back home which is part of my culture, and helping my husband in other expenses.

Mommy Income: How many hours a week do work on your Amazon business? Do you plan to go full time?

Juliet: 30 hours a week, during my days off and night when my baby is sleeping already. The store I work for will be closing down in April so I am working very hard to run this business full time.

Mommy Income: What type of sourcing method do you use to buy inventory?

Juliet: 100% Retail Arbitrage

Mommy Income: How can you inspire others? What brought you here?

Juliet: What brought me here is determination, knowing that if others can do it why I can’t ( my motto).

Here is a picture she shared with us on her one year anniversary.

Juliet, with a husband, a baby and a full time job went from $0 to $91,000 in sales in one year. She focused on higher dollar value items to cut down on the work load. She enjoys 84%-120% ROI (return on Investment) on her products.

Do you believe in Juliet's motto, “If others can do it, why can’t I?”