Huge Garage Sale Haul – Earning $200+ per hour [Periscope 5/20/16]

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In this Periscope, Kristin encourages you to consider garage sales as a way to find inventory for resale. She shares her most recent haul where she hit garage sales for 6 hours and will make approximately $200 per hour for her time once her items sell. Thrifting arbitrage, whether you hitting garage sales or thrift stores, can be very lucrative.

If you are looking to get into resale and are short on cash for retail arbitrage opportunities, thrifting is a great way to spend a few dollars and return a minimum of 10x your investment over and over again.

To scan barcodes to see what an item sells for on Amazon you can use apps like the Amazon Seller App [iOS | Android] or Profit Bandit [iOS | Android] – you need a FREE Amazon Seller account to use these – to scan barcodes. If you want to be more discrete, you can invest in a Bluetooth scanner like this Scanfob.

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