Jump Start Your Amazon FBA Business – Part 2: Finding Free/Low Cost Inventory

So you’re stuck… You want to sell on Amazon but you don't have a huge stash of cash to buy inventory.  We've got you covered! Here are some free and low-cost options for finding inventory to sell. You will also find tips on how to build up capital for your business.

Freecycle: This is a website community you can join where people give away or ask for free items. Resellers are not always welcomed so do not announce you may be selling items.

Craigslist: Free items are given away all the time in the free section of craigslist. Check your local listings

Newspapers: Check the free section of the classifieds to see if there is a reselling opportunity

Garage Sale/Estate Sale Leftovers: There are many people who would gladly give you all of their leftovers if you came, boxed it all up and hauled it away. Put an ad in the paper or offer up this service in person at a sale. You will be surprised how much inventory you may receive. Going towards the end of the sale will be the most beneficial.

Local Facebook Swap/Virtual Garage Sale/Buy Sell Groups: Look up and join these in your area. People offer up many brand new items for very low costs, especially after the holidays.

Thrift Stores: Low-cost items are easy to come by at Goodwill, Salvation Army Thrift stores, and many other local shops. Check your area.

Church Rummage Sales: Check craigslist and the paper for listings. These can be a goldmine for both eBay and Amazon inventory. Costs are often very low.

Library Book Sales: Books are the least expensive inventory around. Often $1 or less books are a great way to jumpstart your business.

Friends & Family: Let them know you are starting a new business and you would be happy to come and take old books, music, and other unwanted items off their hands.

Couponing: If you are familiar with couponing you know what you can often get for free or just pennies on the dollar. Sell these items online or locally to build capital for your business.

Consignment: Ask friends, family or even take an ad out in the paper or craigslist saying you will consign items to sell in your online store. This way you are not paying for inventory up front.

Universities/ Colleges: Often at the end of a semester or school year schools will give away, donate or sell books and software. This is a great way to find inexpensive or free items to sell.

Clearance: Almost every store has clearance items. Make sure to check out the clearance at every store you go to. You never know what you might find.

Flea Markets/Swap Meets:  Look up local flea markets & swap meets. There are tons of opportunities here.

Now it's your turn. Pick one, or more, of the options we described above and get the ball rolling. No more excuses!