3 Reasons Why Amazon FBA Should Be Part of Your Business Plan – Reason #2

In today's ever changing e-commerce marketplace businesses, large and small, need to make changes to continue to grow successfully. In this series, I'll share three reasons why Amazon FBA should be part of your business plan whether you are a seasoned e-commerce seller or new to online selling. If you haven't already be sure to go back and read Reason #1 .

Reason #2:  Amazon FBA Gives You The Freedom To Be Flexible

Selling tangible products on an e-commerce site (yours or a third party platform) can be limiting. My eBay store was restricted by the amount of space and time I had. At my store's peak, I had close to 350 items listed and my small, well-organized eBay room was busting at the seems. I was also focused on my growing family and was limited to the number of items I could clean, photograph and list each day. Forget about taking any significant time off to spend more time with family, take a vacation or focus on another endeavor for a while. If a buyer purchases an item they expect it to be shipped in a reasonable amount of time.

Selling on Amazon using FBA allows you to

1. Take advantage of Amazon's ever-growing number of fulfillment centers nationwide to store and ship your product no matter where you are or what you happen to be doing.

2. Listing is also much easier on Amazon. If you focus of NEW products you remove the cleaning step of the listing process. If you are selling a product that already has an existing listing then all you need to do is add the price you want to sell it for and ship it to the warehouse.

Still not convinced? Stay Tuned for Reason #3.


What are you doing TODAY to move your business forward?


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