Amazon FBA Prep Guidelines – Resources

This is another post in my series discussing Amazon FBA prep guidelines. Over the past few weeks we've been discussing the ins and outs of inventory prep including Amazon's guidelines, tools you can use to work more efficiently, and how to make sure your items get received quickly and correctly. Today I'll be discussing the Amazon Resources available to make sure you are prepping your products correctly. 

Amazon has done a great job making sure there is a lot of information in Seller Central about all aspects of selling via Amazon FBA including product prep. Detailed packaging and prep guidelines can be found here.

Amazon has also produced a bunch of videos as guides to help prep different types of items.

How to Prep Loose Products

How to Prep Items being sold as a set 

How to Prep Products with Perforated Packaging 

How to Prep Case Packed Boxes 

Products with Expiration Dates – Additional information can be found here also.

How to Prep Liquid Products

How to Prep Sharp Products

How to Prep Fragile Products

How to Prep Apparel, Fabric, Plush and Textiles

How to Prep Baby Products

How to Prep Small Products

You will probably review these pages a lot during your first few shipments. After a while it becomes second nature.

What has been your most challenging item to prep? My biggest challenge are bundles that have items of various different shapes and sizes. I usually bubble wrap them and then put them in a poly bag. I always try to figure out how to fit the bundles most efficiently in the shipping box before I wrap the up.

What are you doing today to move your business forward?


If you are new to selling on Amazon FBA, consider checking out Amazon FBA Newbies! over on Facebook. Its a great community of veterans and newbies discussing anything and everything related to FBA.

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