Expand Your Knowledge Base to Grow Your Business

Amazon.com just introduced Amazon Seller University (login required) to help third party sellers take advantage of everything that Amazon has to offer.

Seller University helps you gain insight into the Selling on Amazon platform, tools and policies for sellers, and the products and services that can help you swiftly grow your business. ~ Amazon.com

In this new addition to Seller Central, Amazon provides videos to help professional third party sellers navigate the many facets on Seller Central. It does have its drawbacks, it is video based so those who learn better by reading or doing may find the content lacking for their needs. It also doesn't provide any way to communicate to get additional answers.

There is a lot of content, both free and paid, available to help you expand your knowledge base and grow your business. If Amazon Seller University isn't a fit for you or doesn't provide everything you need, check out some or all of the options below.

If you are looking to ask questions and learn better through conversation then check out the following Facebook Groups:

Amazon FBA Newbies

Accounting We Will Go

Fast Turn Radio

Thrifting for Profit

Women of Amazon

3P Community

If you are a reader and devour books, consider signing up for Amazon's Kindle Unlimited and checking out the following books to get you started on your Amazon journey:

Amazon FBA Launch Pad by Amy Feierman

Arbitrage by Chris Green

Kindle Unlimited is FREE for the first 30 days and only $9.99 a month after that.

What are you doing today to move your business forward?


If you are new to selling on Amazon FBA, consider checking out Amazon FBA Newbies! over on Facebook. It's a great community of veterans and newbies discussing anything and everything related to FBA.

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