Feed the Beast!

“My sales are so slow. I don't know why. What can I do?”

I often see Facebook group posts similar to this in both eBay and Amazon forums. Most of the time the collective answer that comes back is to either keep listing or to send in more inventory.. In the Amazon world this is known as “Feeding the Beast”.

When sales are down it is hard to be motivated to get more inventory, create listings and move forward. If you don't, the cycle will only continue. If product doesn't get sent in, less items sell. While I have no scientific proof to back it up, I usually see an increase in sales when another shipment hits the warehouse. Sometimes its new arrivals from the shipment or items that have been hanging around for too long.

This is also why it doesn't pay to watch your daily sales. You can't control what sells for what price. The market dictates that. What you can control is the time you spend finding profitable products and feeding the beast.

I struggle with checking my Seller Central pending orders page far too often. I am tracking how many times I check a day and am trying to decrease it by at least half. My goal is to check it no more than 1x a day….but I'm taking baby steps. I checked Seller Central 15 times yesterday. It's an automatic response when I sit down at my computer…. I spend 2-5 minutes per visit on Seller Central. That adds up to anywhere from 30 minutes to more than one hour of time each day!

I  challenge you with the same direction. Track how often you visit your Seller Central pending order page, then figure out how to be more productive with that same amount of time. 30 minutes can be easily be spent on online arbitrage, filling out a wholesale application, or shipping out a box of inventory. These are all profitable activities that help to Feed the Beast!

Let us know how you do!

Now it's time to go Feed the Beast!  #FeedtheBeast

What are you doing today to move your business forward?


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