How to…. Sign up for an Amazon Seller Account (Part 3)

This is the continuation of the How to Sign up for an Amazon Seller Account Series. Now it's time to move on to Step 3 and finish the process. (If you haven't read the first two posts in this series they can be found here and here.) This is the easy part and should take about five minutes.

Step 3:  Enter you legal name (either your business name, or your name) and click the checkbox stating that you have reviewed and agree to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. I do recommend that you click on the link and read the Agreement and contact Amazon with any questions you may have.

Step 4:   Choose a display name and enter your complete contact information. The display name is the name that will be presented to the buyers. This can be your business name or another that you select. (NOTE: This name can be changed later so don’t worry too much about it now.)

Step 5 :  Setup your credit (debit) card. This is the account that Amazon will charge for your subscription fees if you have a balance at the end of a two week cycle. If you have sold items and have a positive balance that will cover the subscription fee you credit/debit card will not be charged.

Step 6:  Account Verification. Amazon will call you or send you a text message to make sure you are a real person an not a computer. Via phone or text, they will provide you with a 4 digit code that you need to enter.

Step 7:  Setup your tax ID information. Amazon will send  you a 1099 at the end of the year so you will need to have a W9 on file. They have a wizard that walks you through setting this up. This is where you will need either your EIN or Social Security number.

Step 8: Review. Verify that all of the information you entered is correct and click complete registration.

DONE! You now can sell on (and if you signed up as a professional seller)! You are on your way to growing your business.

The next step of the process is reading Amazons Guidelines. This a very important step. Don’t skimp here. Remember you are in Amazon’s pond and they have rules that help weed out sellers that don’t live up to Amazon’s expectations. I discussed the guidelines previously here.

Please share in the comments below if you are planning to start selling right away or if you are going to research first. I'll have more to share about researching to sell on Amazon in an upcoming post.

If you have any questions or comments be sure to post them below.

What are you doing today to move your business forward?

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