ONE Word That Might Be Keeping You From Success…

Yesterday an interesting article came across my Facebooks feeds thanks to Chris GreenA self-made millionaire says a seemingly innocuous daily habit could be keeping you from getting rich” by Kathleen Elkins in Yahoo Finance.

How many times a day do I see posts like these,

“Why don't I have any sales yet day? “

“Oh No! Why did Amazon, eBay, etc change XYZ rule”

“Someone just outed my replen as a BOLO on a huge Facebook group”

Too many! According to millionaire T. Harv Eker, author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“;

“Like attracts like. When you are complaining, you are actually attracting ‘crap' into your life.”

Complaining is counterproductive. Instead of moving forward, complaining moves you backward. Rather than stopping and thinking about a way to solve or work around the problem many people turn to the internet to whine about whatever isn't going the way they want it to. If someone is whining about it, they are probably less likely to do anything about it. Sad but true.


Words to live by! There are two steps you can take to minimize and eventually eliminate complaining in your life. The first is to stop complaining yourself. Period. Just don't do it. Now that's easier said than done. So instead of being negative when you find yourself complaining, stop and ask yourself, “what can I do to change this?” Sometimes all you can do is look on the upside and other times you'll be able to put things in place to start moving forward.

The second thing you can do to drop complaining from your world is to eliminate toxic people from your life. We all have them. The naysayers. The complainers. The people who see weeds before the flowers. Stop hanging out with them. You'll find that you complain less when your aren't surrounded by people who are complaining.

I challenge you to eliminate complaining from your life – both internally and externally. Evaluate what you are complaining about and change it. I often struggle with this too. Let's do this together. One day towards a complaint free life. If you find yourself complaining today, stop and look for the remedy.

What are you doing TODAY to move your business forward?



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