Why I Choose to Be My Own Boss

Today could have been like any other day – get up, get dressed, get the kids ready, drop kids at daycare/camp and come home, write a blog post and other work. Thanks to the flexibility of being my own boss I was able to change my daily routine to spend time with my daughter. I dropped my son off at camp and we headed to the Elmwood Park Zoo. It was great to get to spend time with my girl.


Kids only grow up once and I want to make sure that I'm present in their lives today and every day. I need to make a point of doing this more often.

I choose to be my own boss so that I can spend time with my children while helping to financially support my family. If you are a full-time entrepreneur, why do you choose to be your own boss? If you are still working at a J O B, why do you want to be your own boss?

What are you doing TODAY to move your business forward?


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